NOTE:  June 7, 2014, all fields are OPEN.
During the season FIELD CONDITIONS will be updated daily!  The FINAL decision will be updated by 5:00pm.  Please, DO NOT CALL the Board, they will not have an answer until the decision is made by 5:00pm.  Thank-you!  

Sign up for "Weather Updates" at the bottom of this page.  You'll receive a text if games are ever canceled due to weather.      

Permanent Message:  If the temp is 40 degrees or below or "feels like" temp is 40 degrees or below, ALL FIELDS will be CLOSED. Unless the note above states otherwise; example early Saturday morning games and practices may go ahead as planned if temps are rising.  Coaches, please use your best judgment when the fields are wet, to ensure the safety of the players and maintain field quality.  

 During the season FIELD CONDITIONS will be updated daily!  The FINAL decision will be updated by 5:00pm.  Please, DO NOT CALL the Board, they will not have an answer until the decision is made by 5:00pm.  Thank-you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Smyrna 11's WIN State!
2014 District 2 Champions
2014 State Champions
Next Stop....Tournament of State Champions!
Greenville, NC August 1-6, 2014
August 2, Smyrna vs. Alabama, 10:00am
August 3, Smyrna vs. West Virginia, 12:45pm
August 4, Smyrna vs. North Carolina 6:15pm
August 5, TBD
August 6, Championship Game, 11:00am TBD
Smyrna beat Northern Columbus 10-7 to take the State Title
Congratulations Coach Dell and all the 11's players!

Fall Registration is open
 July 14, 2014 through Aug 15th

Smyrna 9's WIN the
All Star Championship!!!
Smyrna beat Murphy Candler Blue 7-4
Congratulations Smyrna 9's!!!!

Congratulations to our 11/12
All Star Team!
Smyrna Wishes You Great Luck!!

Dylan Kobiolka
Andrew Prather
Warner Bush
Nino Fasula
Christian Griffin
Will Thomas
Milan Patel
Trey Anagnostis
Joel Williams
Campbell Sisom
Mathew Friestad
Xavier Jackson
Ethan Parker
All Star Recognition: Andrew Whitcher & Jake Auton
Manager:Richard Williams
Coach: Rob Anagnostis

Congratulations to our 11's
All Star Team!
Go Gettem' Red!

Drewbie Pinkston
Colin Stewart
Ethan Mack
Bryce Becker
Jacob Petersen
Ethan Tai
Jason Warner
  Chase Watson
Evan Jameson
Dominic Rutigliano
Nick Addison
Joshua Mills
All star recognition: Peter Papapolymerou
Manager: Dell Pinkston
Coach: Pete Warner
Coach: Calvin Addison

Congratulations to our 9/10
All Star teams!!!!
Good Luck Blue and Red! We are cheering for you!

 Blue Team                          Red  Team             
Aidan Daly                                         Aaron Pappadouplos
Avery Obert                                       AJ Menerey
Daniel Halliday                                  Brady O'Tuel
Deacon Copeland                             Garrett Roesel
Duncan Santos                                 Jacob Mills
Garrett DeHart                                   Jack Rogers
Grayson O'Berry                               Jake Lavender
Jackson Hubbell                                Kenaz Blakey
Jacob Grantham                                Landon Jordan
Justin Moore                                      Micheal Morrison
Reese Berry                                        Michael White
Tristan Jensen                                    Will Daly
Manager: John Jensen                      Manager: Stuart Roesel
Coach: Greg Grantham                     Coach: Patrick Kelley
Coach: Brian Hubble                         Coach: Darin O'Tuel


Congratulations to our 9
All Star Team!
Good Luck All Star 9's!!!!!

Alex Karst
Andrew Buschmann
Brayden May
Brittan Elsner
Chase LaValley
David Friend
Diego Sarabia
Drew Stephens 
Luke Flading
Nicky Nguyen
Toran Brown
Will Shamanski
Manager: Bobby Young
Coach: Tim Stephens
Coach: David Karst
Congratulations to our 7&8
All Star Teams!
We wish you the best of luck!

Blue Team                                                   Red Team                                              White Team   
Kurt Armstrong                   Marc Amabile                   Joey Blomberg
Billy Mac Clement               William Blosser                Parker Dastou
Taylor Craig                         Jason Goldblatt                Thomas Figaretti
Alex Dominguez                  Gabriel Hester                  Logan Ghitescu
Drew Duelmer                      Alex Johns                       Joe Graham
Boomer Dunn                      Carmine Leppert              William Hunsberger
Lucas Grantham                 Noah Mallon                      Ryan MacLellan
Will Holland                         Dillon Nuriddin                 Marc Mandt
Zachary Jackson                Drew Sisco                        Chance McPerson
Wesley James                     Ayden Smith                     Andrew Quareils
Tyler Koenig                        Caleb Soto                         Miles Smith
Ryan Ohde                           Kevin Stephens                 Nathan Taylor
Junior Sanaabria                 BJ Townsend                    Manager: Scott MacLellan
Manager: Boomer Dunn     Colon Walker                    Coach: Larry Blomberg
Coach: Rich Holland          Manager: Ken Sisco         Coach: Wes Graham
Coach: David James          Coach: Brian Key
                                             Coach: Kevin Stephens

We offer baseball for boys and girls ages 4-12.
Your child's playing age is the age that they will be on April 30, 2015. 
Example of league age, player turns 7 on April 24, 2015....they will play Minor 2 (7&8 year olds)
We offer:
T-Ball for ages 4 and 5.
PeeWee 1 for beginner 5&6 yr olds, PeeWee 2 for 2nd season 5&6 yr olds, 
Minor 2 (machine pitch) for ages 7&8
and kid pitch ball for ages 9-12 (Minor 1 and Major)



NO bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc...  are allowed near the fields and concession stands during practices and games.  This is for the safety of our players and fans.

NO one is allowed in press box except score keepers and webcasters.   Children under the age of 12 are allowed if supervised by an adult who is keeping score.  At the lower fields we can have 3 games going on simultaneously, and our scorekeepers need to be able to concentrate on scoring the game.  

Dear Parents and Fans of Smyrna Little League, 

As we cheer on our teams, please keep in mind our attitudes and actions not only reflect upon our individual character but also on the character of our league as a whole. Please join us in our efforts to display good sportsmanship by helping us foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all, thereby representing SLL with the spirit and respect it deserves. Help SLL remain a leader in sportsmanship at the Little League level and take the initiative to Be Loud, Be Proud and Be Positive!

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Smyrna Slammers Tournament Teams
The Smyrna Tournament Teams Program is an initiative to provide highly competitive youth baseball players the opportunity to represent Smyrna in local, state, & regional baseball tournaments. 
If you have any questions or interest in our tournament teams, then please contact our Tournament Teams Director, Dell Pinkston, at 404-272-3065 or
If you are interested in being a Manager, Coach, or Sponsor of any of the below teams, then please contact Dell Pinkston.  The age of the player will be based on how old he/she is as of April 30, 2015.  Here are the age breakdowns:
8U - 8 years old on 4/30/15
9U - 9 years old on 4/30/15
10U - 10 years old on 4/30/15
11U - 11 years old on 4/30/15
12U - 12 years old on 4/30/15
13U - 13 years old on 4/30/15
8U Slammers
8/9/14, 10am-12 noon, Brinkley Field
9U Slammers
8/9/14, 12:30-2:30 pm, Brinkley Field
10U Slammers
8/9/14, 3-5 pm, Brinkley Field
11U Slammers
8/10/14, 1-3 pm, Chuck Camp #1
12U Slammers
8/10/14, 3:30-5:30 pm, Chuck Camp #1
13U Slammers
8/10/14, 6-8 pm, Chuck Camp #1
8/11/14 - Make-up tryouts, Brinkley Field, 6:30-7:30 pm
8/12/14 - Coaches meeting, Registration Building, 6:30-8 pm
8/15/14 - Team rosters will be posted on the SLL website.
8/16/14 - Teams may start practicing
8/19/14 - All ages Parents meeting, location & time TBD
11/1/14 - Last outdoor practice for the Fall Season
2/1/15 - 1st Day of outdoor practices (weather permitting)


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