NOTE:  Friday, Feb 27th, 2015, all fields are CLOSED.
During the season FIELD CONDITIONS will be updated daily!  The FINAL decision will be updated by 5:00pm.  Please, DO NOT CALL the Board, they will not have an answer until the decision is made by 5:00pm.  Thank-you!  

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Permanent Message:  If the temp is 40 degrees or below or "feels like" temp is 40 degrees or below, ALL FIELDS will be CLOSED. Unless the note above states otherwise; example early Saturday morning games and practices may go ahead as planned if temps are rising.  Coaches, please use your best judgment when the fields are wet, to ensure the safety of the players and maintain field quality.  

 During the season FIELD CONDITIONS will be updated daily!  The FINAL decision will be updated by 5:00pm.  Please, DO NOT CALL the Board, they will not have an answer until the decision is made by 5:00pm.  Thank-you!                                                  



Registration Closed for Spring 2015



Important League Changes and Registration Information

The beginning of the 2015 Spring season at Smyrna Little League is quickly approaching, and as we are anticipating another season of growth in each of our divisions, the Board has been discussing ways to maximize playing time and ensure safe environments for your players. These discussions led us to the idea of restructuring the divisions within Smyrna Little League. We believe doing so will accomplish several goals.
First, additional age ranges allow Smyrna Little League a stable platform for growth over the coming seasons. Our park has enjoyed several seasons of record-setting enrollments, and we anticipate that trend will continue due to the influx of young families in the Smyrna area; the high level of play we enjoy in each division; the success of our All Star teams at the district, state, and regional levels; and the closeness of the community in which our kids play. Smyrna Little League had not restructured its division levels since we had 200 players per season. Since we have almost quadrupled that, it was time to make some changes.
Second, with the onset of a new age determination date imposed by Little League International, the combination of players at one playing level would cover 20 months. At our parent meeting earlier this month, the Board had the opportunity to express our concerns over a 20 month group of players, and we heard your concerns as well. The addition of smaller age groupings alleviates the 20 month playing level and provides a safer environment for all players. While the new age determination date was not the catalyst for the restructuring, its onset certainly provided a transitional opportunity that made a lot of sense.
Third, we believe this change allows Smyrna Little League's managers and commissioners more flexibility to maximize playing time for each child, especially in the more developmental levels of play. Part of the changes we are making include playing additional outfielders in younger leagues so players spend more time on the field and less time in the dugout. Restructuring our age divisions provides opportunities for age-based (as well as skill-based) instruction for the players by offering more flexibility in rules and game design. This is primarily for the TB, PW, and Rookie (formerly M2) divisions.
In the season information tab you will find a full description of our divisions and under the Forms and Info tab you will find a FAQ sheet to help answer more specific questions.
These changes will begin this Spring 2015 season and will utilize the new age determination date set in place by Little League International of Dec. 31 instead of the previous date,April 30. Your player will be placed on a team based on his age AND his evaluation scores. We believe this new structure allows us the flexibility to not have to say, "Your child is this age, so he plays here." Instead there will be opportunities for your child's playing level to determine the division in which he plays.
We have spent many hours discussing, debating, and planning ways to optimize the experience that is Smyrna Little League, not only for the player but for the family as well. We are excited about what these changes will offer each family and afford the league as we continue to grow.

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